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April 2016 Archives

Qualified/Selective Representation

The Panama Papers--the Whistlebower's Treasure Trove

Congratulations to whoever had the guts to publish the Panama Papers. My guess is was an unhappy summer associate at the law firm in Panama who sneaked in after hours with a large-capacity thumb drive! In any event this is the world- wide equivalent of the infamous Pentagon Papers leaked by Daniel Ellsburg in 1971 (guess I am dating myself here). As I read the NYTimes this morning, many foreign officials and high rollers have been hiding their money offshore. Of course all the heads of state will say they acquired their wealth legally. A few of them may be telling the truth, maybe. Important heads may yet role across the globe, although it will take time to sort all the information out. I guess the only folks who can protect themselves for awhile are the Chinese leaders who can seem to push a button and block the entire nation from going on the Internet.