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Anti-Corruption Conference

Qualified/Selective Representation

I am pleased to say that I have been asked to present a paper at the to the Anti-Corruption Law Interest Group at the Conference of the American Society of International Lawyers in January 2017 in Miami. The Conference is titiled "Controlling Corruption: Possibilities, Practical Suggestions and Best Practices." I plan to discuss how more whistleblowers can be enticed to file cases with the SEC and CFTC. My thought is that many more whistleblowers around the world might come forward if they understood the programs better and had more confidence their tips would be considered and investigations initiated. I believe international anti-corruption organizations do a very good job at increasing transparency and enhancing internal control and compliance. But whistelblowing is still widely misunderstood and the various international rules regarding how and when a whistleblower may be rewarded, and be protected from retaliation, are conflicting and confusing. With the advent of databases, wikileaks, data breaches, Panama papers, etc, there is a lot more inside information available on the internet to aid investigative reports, and whistleblowers, in exposing what can often turn out to be massive international frauds. Handled properly, and submitted to the right enforcement agencies, there can be substantial awards possible for whistleblowers, if they are aware of the possibilities.