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Qualified/Selective Representation

The ABA Labor and Employment Law Conference 2106

I was fortunate to appear at a panel discussion at a recent ABA National Conference of Employment Lawyers in Chicago. The topic was "Advising Clients throghout the Whistelblower Investigation: A Candid Discussion Regarding the Complex Issue of How Lawyers Work with their Clients." I also submitted a paper titled "Sox, Dodd Frank, Retailiation and Reward--Representing The Client In the Age of the Whistleblower." While the article is a bit long (there was no page limit) I recommend it to anyone thinking about becomming an SEC whistelblower, and also to any lawyer considering representing them. Drawing from my personal experiences over 5 years representing individuals in SEC whistelblower matters, I describe some of the decisons made by me and my clients during the many months and the highs and lows of this complex process. I share some of those experiences through the hypothetical case of a whistleblower named Mary. The article should be available on the internet and I will attach it to the Publications List on this website.